Aegis makes installation easier.

Aegis Technologies is a leader in saving fire sprinkler installation costs for the contractor.

Family owned and operated, Aegis Technologies leadership has deep experience in commercial pipe fitting manufacturing and marketing. This experience means better results for the fire sprinkler contractor.

The Jensen family started Aegis Technologies in 2007 after long careers with Allied Piping Products and Merit Manufacturing pioneering lightweight welding outlet fittings and adjustable drop nipple. Aegis continues this tradition.


Providing the right tool for the installation is what motivates Aegis Technologies and what is most critical to your bottom line.

Aegis Technologies’ Adjuster Drop Nipple, Dropster Reducing Nipple and Whizweld Branchlet are results of decades of experience producing pipe fitting solutions with assurance and value:

QUALITY– Aegis Technologies’ products are made in the USA and produced on state-of-the-art, American-made equipment that holds tighter tolerances than most of our counterparts.

ASSURANCE–  Aegis Technologies employs quality control in every step of the manufacture of our products. Ferrous and elastomeric material lots are routinely checked by independent laboratories over and beyond UL and FM's scope. Each fitting is marked with a lot number that is matched to specific “ship to” addresses and we maintain detailed material and production quality records.

VALUE–  Aegis Technologies’ advanced manufacturing techniques and streamlined processes produce a superior, American-made fitting at competitive prices.

Made in the U.S.A.

Aegis Technologies remains committed to developing domestic manufacturing techniques to produce quality pipe fittings at competitive prices with fair returns, contributing to the strength of our country's economy.


Erik Jensen, PresidentErik T. Jensen President

Erik founded Aegis Technologies in 2007 with the extensive knowledge obtained from decades of experience working for his family’s businesses. He knew just what was needed to successfully manufacture and market specialty fittings for the fire sprinkler. Erik earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration in Marketing from Drexel University. After graduating in 1993, he worked for Merit Manufacturing until 2001 and as Managing Director for National Fittings from 2001 to 2006. Several distributors and contractors asked him to investigate making adjustable drops as he had done at Merit. Market research resulted in the formation of Aegis and the rest speaks for itself. Erik enjoys a healthy lifestyle—boating, skiing, traveling and relaxing with his wife, four children, and two dogs.


Terry Clark, Vice President Sales Theodore R. Jensen Executive Vice President

Ted has a passion for making quality pipe fittings. Persistence, determination, education, and experience makes Ted the best at what he does—the maker of quality fittings. He obtained his Bachelors of Science in Commerce and Engineering from Drexel University then his Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering from Penn State University. He worked from a young age until after college for Allied Piping Products, then in 1984, he became a founding partner of Merit Manufacturing. After successfully growing Merit, it was sold in 2001 but he continued to run it until 2009 when the owners decided to restructure. In 2010, he joined his brother at Aegis to continue his passion. Ted enjoys family cruises and motorcycles.


Michael Ketterer, Vice President Engineering Michael D. Ketterer Vice President – Engineering

Michael began developing an interest in mechanical engineering at an early age, while working as motorcycle mechanic and participating in different facets of motorcycle and automobile racing. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University in 1995. He joined the team at Merit Manufacturing in 1996, developing skills in manufacturing and machine design. After the 2010 relocation of Merit, Michael joined Aegis where he continually works on improvements in manufacturing quality and processes. His passion for engineering carries over to his personal life as he shares in restoration projects with his family. When not working on something mechanical, he’s enjoying time with his wife and two children.


Terry Clark, Vice President Sales Terry F. Clark Vice President – Sales

Terry got into the fittings industry while working part-time through college for Universal Supply which is now a Ferguson Enterprise. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from the University of North Texas, he went to work for NIBCO in sales, eventually becoming the territory manager. Feeling that it would be more rewarding working for himself, he started and ran Delta Industrial Sales for ten years until Raymond Jensen of Merit Manufacturing convinced him to become Merit’s National Sales Manager. He held this position for over 14 years until the new owners of Merit restructured its sales department. Thereafter, he was quickly employed by Unique Fittings / Sigma to head up their fire protection sales. In 2008, he came on-board part-time with Aegis as a consultant and minority shareholder. Terry enjoys golf and semi-retirement with his wife and super grandkids.