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Adjuster Adjustable Drop Nipple for Fire Suppression Systems
Adjustable Drop Nipple

Adjuster eliminates cutting and re-fitting expense in flush-to-ceiling and wall installations.

Designed for wet or dry automatic sprinkler systems in accordance to NFPA 13, 13R, & 13D.
UL Listed and FM Approved

Fire Sprinkler Parts
Dropster Reducing Nipple for Fire Suppression Systems
Reducing Nipple

Dropster does away with the reducing coupling make-up labor costs.

Available with 1" plain or threaded inlet x ½" or ¾" outlet or with outlets on both ends.
UL Listed and FM Approved

Fire Suppression System Parts
Whizweld Branchlet Welding Outlet for automatic welders
Welding Outlet for Automatic Welders

Branchlet designed for automatic welders with its compound weld bevel design.

Qualified to be welded on schedules 10, 40, and other thin wall flow pipe.
UL Listed and FM Approved

Automatic Welder Pipe Fitting